Who is NuVision Networks?

Since 1984, NuVision Networks has worked to provide an enhanced campus experience for students, faculty and staff while making operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Our focus on the student experience is rooted in our corporate culture. Our insight into campus life and the problems faced by students and administrators is the driving force behind our Campus Center product and – along with continuous input from our clients – guides the direction and priorities of NuVision Networks.

For over 28 years NuVision has been regarded as the leader in technology and innovation in the campus card industry. Many of the features now accepted as standard among One Card systems were first developed at NuVision. The first system to use Windows, the first to use online vending, the first to use TCP/IP for communication, the first to use encryption, the first and only to display the cardholder’s picture on all readers, and now, the first and only to offer a touchscreen activity reader are just some of our achievements.

NuVision Networks is also the oldest privately held one card company in the market. The people who now run our engineering department are the same people who wrote the first line of code for our original program back in 1984. Our exclusively in-house development allows for greater flexibility and a more dynamic partnership with our clients.

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