CampusONE Extensions

We see One Card systems as more than simply a way to pay for meal plans and items on campus. Because of the extensive customizations we’ve done at the requests of clients over the years we’ve amassed a number of innovative programs that tie the CampusONE card to various departments and services across campus not normally associated with the typical One Card system. We call these program CampusONE Extensions. A sample of our most popular Extensions include: 

  • Equipment Check Out. A powerful program that uses the cardholder’s card to reserve, release, and track campus equipment.
  • Tutoring Manager. Gives tutoring centers the ability to allow students to request and reserve time with tutors, and for the administrators provides extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Guest Check In. Used in residence halls to monitor and accurately report all guests that come in or out.
  • Library Sign In. Allows for recording and controlling of access to various specialized rooms that include primary and secondary items – such as a photo lab with specific equipment or a certain room using specific software.  Also controls access to course help.
  • Sign Out. Simply maintains a record of items given to specific cardholders – such as for a help center on a community college giving out information for 4-year colleges.