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Make your system work for you, not the other way around. NuVision’s in-house development allows us to quickly make modifications to our system based on exactly how you want it to work. We do it quickly, and oftentimes at no cost to the client. 


There’s no need to spend your days running reports and manually adding or changing cardholder’s records. NuVision’s exclusive real-time ERP integrations remove all of your manual processes giving you more free time to run your card program, not have the card program running you.


No licensing fees means no restrictions. NuVision offers a refreshing way of doing business by not charging excessive licensing fees enabling you to grow your program faster. 



Campus One Card Solutions

Today’s One Card is a true enterprise system that touches on every facet of campus life. Click on the items below to read more about the different One Card solutions available.


The One Card’s storied past began in the Dining Hall as a meal plan card where meals eaten were denoted by punching holes in the student’s card. We’ve come a long way and now the One Card system is used for not only meal plans, but for vending purchases, at point of sale locations, c-stores, for inventory management, and even online shopping through our Campus Center Shopper product.


Using Campus Center, setting up voting is fast, easy and secure. And students can vote online right from their smartphones. Online registration and ticket sales for student-group sponsored events. You can also use our Campus Center e-commerce program for fundraising initiatives of various student groups.


Cardholders can make purchases with their CampusONE account, or you can even accept multiple accounts in the bookstore. For example, financial aid dollars can be deposited directly to a specific CampusONE account that can be only used for books in the bookstore.The CampusONE system can provide a real-time interface to any third-party bookstore vendor.


The CampusONE card can be used for entry to athletic events and even for selling concessions at outdoor games using our wireless readers. Many fitness centers use our Equipment Check Out program to loan out and keep track of athletic equipment. Some schools create booster club or loyalty One Cards for their sports teams that grant entry and other special privileges when the person uses their card.


There are many uses for the One Card in library aside from just checking out books. Many libraries use the One Card to purchase copies, pay for library fines and even check out equipment. The CampusONE system is compatible with all College and University library systems.


With our Campus Access wireless locks you can automate and control entry and privileges in residence halls down to the individual room. If you change a student’s room assignment in your ERP or Housing Management system the door locks will automatically, and in real-time, change their privileges to turn off access in the old room and allow entry into the new room. Residence Halls are also great places for vending machines and print management kiosks.


Using our Tutoring Manager program you can authenticate and report on what students are receiving tutoring or advising. And more importantly, you can report on who didn’t show up for a session, all valuable data for retention purposes.


Keeping your campus secure is easier than ever with the CampusONE system. Through our unique integration process you are able to control access on the cards directly from your ERP system, this includes control directly down to an individual dorm room door with our wireless locks. Beyond door access, security is of prime concern when dealing with transaction purchases. That’s why we display the cardholder’s ID picture on every single one of our attended readers and POS devices.


Go paperless for event tickets by putting your campus events online and allow students to purchase tickets and register for events using Campus Center. You can also track and monitor attendance anywhere on campus, including outdoors with our handheld wireless readers.


Using our Campus Connect interfaces you can easily allow cardholders to pay for prints using their CampusONE accounts no matter what laser print solution you use. With our Certified Solution Partner, WEPA, your card goes even further by providing a seamless “one swipe” process for automated account lookup, print and charge.


Along with tying the CampusONE card to any door access or video security systems, many Public Safety officers also use our Trakker handheld readers to swipe students ID cards on the spot to determine if they are registered students and allowed to be on campus. The student’s picture displays on the reader for quick spot checks and added security.


An off campus program provides considerable value to the card program along with increased revenues. Not only do off campus programs provide much-requested convenience to students your school is getting free advertising by having your logo plastered around town on all of the businesses that accept your One Card.


There are a number of options for using the One Card to reduce the hassle of cutting refund checks. The student can opt to have some or all of their funds deposited to their CampusONE account, or they can be electronically disbursed with one of our partner banking cards or disbursement companies.


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